Charlotte Gavin

Legal Executive

I am the Chambers Manager and a qualified New Zealand Registered Legal Executive

As well as managing the Chambers, I provide all of the litigation support services to the Barristers in the Chambers. I also provide litigation support to other Barristers throughout Christchurch.

The Litigation Support services I can provide include:

  1. Discovery: Electronic and hard copy discovery, scanning, listing, initial review for privilege removing double ups, stamping, printing and preparing for service.
  2. Bundle of Documents: Prepare list, paginate documents, tabluate, print and bind for service.
  3. Bundle of Authorities: Prepare list, print, tablulate and bind for service.
  4. Court of Appeal or Supreme Court E-Casebooks - Hyperlinking chronology, bundles and submissions in accordance with the Senior Court Rules 2019 and prepare for service.

I am available to provide these services to other Barristers Sole or law firms throughout New Zealand should the need arise on a professional confidential basis and at a competitively priced hourly rate.